Federation Rules

The following documents describes the rules for organizations that want to apply to COFRe and for REUNA as federation operator.

Identity Federation Rules (Valid from October 10th, 2013).

WebSSO Identity Providers Organizations Appendix (Valid from December 19th, 2012).

WebSSO Service Providers Appendix (Valid from December 19th, 2012).

Metadata Registration Policy Statement (Valid from April 29th, 2019)

Membership agreement (DOC / ODT / PDF) (This document must be signed after read the Federation Rules and the Appendices) 

Old agreements still valids for institutions who sign those documents. If these institutions has the intention in move from old agreements to these new rules, they must send an email to cofre @ reuna.cl expressing their will to do this.

Old Identity Federation Rules Document (Valid until October 9th, 2013)

Old Identity Providers Organizations Agreement (Spanish)

Old Service Providers Agreement (EnglishSpanish)

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