Joining as a Service Provider

At the moment, COFRe only considers as a valid service provider those institutions that its joining has been requested by an identity provider institution member. The service provider must have implemented SAML 2.0 and Shibboleth 2.x as its authentication and authorization standards. Ensuring this, the service provider institution must fulfill the following phases.

  1. Validation.
    • The first contact with COFRe: The institutional representative, who must have a technical profile, will contact us via e-mail (cofre @ asking for validation. Also it must send the institutional information (name), the required attributes for user authorization and institutional representative contact information (name, phone and e-mail).
    • Metadata: In addition to the required information, it is necessary inform us the service provider metadata URL (e.g. https://<sp_url>/Shibboleth.sso/Metadata).
    • Validation with COFRe: A test will be planned with the identity provider institution that require the service provider incorporation, the service provider institution and the COFRe discovery service. It is necessary to add the metadata of COFRe testing environment, information that will be sended via e-mail within 48 hrs, after the sending of the required information described previously.

        2.  Accreditation

    • Accept the Federation Rules: These documents describes the duties assumed by both the service provider and  COFRe. This agreement must be printed, signed by the institutional representative, scaned and sended at cofre @ 
    • Moving to the production environment: After the previous point and within the next  48 hrs, COFRe will join the services provider to its federation. Then COFRe will send an e-mail informing this update and asking for a metadata change from the testing to the production environment.
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